You need to send evidence from other people with your form:  perhaps three pieces from the following list.  A current letter from a medical professional, confirming your condition/s, something from a carer or other person who helps you, saying what they do for you and how they see your illness affecting you, and perhaps some photographs showing your difficulties or other evidence that you cannot function normally.

  • Doctor’s letter
  • Medical notes print out from the GP surgery
  • Specialist letters – from their secretary or in your GP notes file.
  • Prescription list – will also be in your medical notes
  • Occupational Therapist report or letter
  • Social Care report or letter
  • Photos of you in trouble and adaptations you’ve had to make to cope
  • Letters from people who know how your conditions affect you
  • Letters from people who care for you and help you
  • A diary of a week, or just a day in your life, showing how your illness stops you living normally
  • Diary link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44533954/Diary%20blank.pdf and an example https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44533954/Diary%20cfs%20example.pdf
  • A list of your symptoms – refer to symptom lists of your illness/es – google ‘your illness’ symptom list
  • Proof you do internet shopping – keep the receipts
  • Receipt from the Chemist for home delivery

With any evidence from other people, send only copies unless they specify otherwise.  Keep the originals – you may need them again.  They may loose them.  Anything can happen.  Belt and braces.

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